Client Spotlight: Tick-Tock Clock

Saper Law Client Spotlight

Saper Law’s Client Spotlight is a series highlighting our various practice areas through client features. This month, we are shining a spotlight on our intellectual property and business law practice by featuring Saper Law client, Tick-Tock Clock Repair.

“If it don’t Tick, Tock to us”

Meet Tick Tock Clock

The tale of a clockmaker family

The Tick-Tock Clock Repair shop team consists of trained European clockmakers with 45 years of experience, also known as the “Tick-Tock Clock Docs.”

The company began as a dream for Alex Denno’s father, 13 year old Jim Denno, back in 1964. The dream took flight after years of study and practice where Jim learned all the intricacies of clock work and completed 10 years of “Old World” training. His many years of training led Jim to found what is now Tick-Tock Clock Repair.

The legacy of clockery stretches across the Denno family. In 1976, Jim was married to Vicky who is also a clockmaker. Interesting enough, Vicky’s Great-Uncle was an “uhrmacher” (clockmaker) in Germany. Learning the trade came quickly for Vicky, although acceptance of a woman clockmaker in a male-dominated trade is still quite a challenge.

The tradition is passed down through their son, Alex, who has a natural talent that he expanded through courses at the NAWCC (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) and the British Horological Institute.

Tick-Tock Clock are the resident clock experts in the Chicagoland area. The Tick-Tock Clock Docs have worked on clocks that date as early as the 1600s!

“I wish I had a picture of myself as a child looking up at grandfather clocks in awe. I admired them but never knew I’d be restoring them someday. Today that is my biggest thrill.” — Jim Denno

Saper Law serves as Tick-Tock Clock’s intellectual property counsel and business counsel.

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