Client Spotlight: Iron Light

Saper Law’s Client Spotlight is a series highlighting our various practice areas through client features. This month, we are highlighting our entertainment law practice area by shining a spotlight on Saper Law client, Iron Light.

Meet Iron Light

Iron Light is a marketing agency that aims to disrupt the broken industry of government affairs. President of Iron Light, Austin Berg (left), co-founded the marketing agency with CEO Ryan Green (right) in 2018.

Iron Light uses a neuroscience-based approach to storytelling and marketing to empower “purpose-driven people” who share their vision of a world without limits on human potential. By using this technique, the agency has contributed to the passing of more than 50 laws, such as, marijuana legalization in Mississippi and universal school choice in West Virginia.

Berg and Green became motivated to start Iron Light after helping Lisa Creason, a single mother who served prison time for stealing money from a cash register to buy food to feed her daughter over 20 years ago. Since then, Lisa was able to turn her life around and studied to become a nurse.

Unfortunately, the state barred her from receiving her nursing license due to her criminal record. Berg and Green used their marketing and storytelling skills to motivate others to support Lisa. As a result, their contributions led to a state law that ended a categorical ban on certain ex-offenders becoming licensed in the healthcare field.

After that experience, Berg and Green knew they could be in this line of work forever.

After five years, Iron Light is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Midwest. In 2020, the agency introduced Iron Light Labs, a nonprofit that runs impact campaigns and organizes a yearly summit in Nashville to inspire partners across disciplines.

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Saper Law serves as intellectual property and business law counsel to Iron Light, advising on issues ranging from copyright protection and licensing to negotiating life rights agreements and various production releases.

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