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Saper Law’s Client Spotlight is a series highlighting our various practice areas through client features. This month, we are highlighting our corporate and intellectual property law practice by shining a spotlight on Saper Law client, Golden Surrogacy.

Meet Adam and Frank Golden: Golden Surrogacy’s Founders
For many, preparing for parenthood includes buying a crib, installing a car seat, stocking up on diapers, and baby-proofing your home. But for LGBTQ+ couples, preparing for parenthood starts with asking the question, “Can we even have a child?” The journey to parenthood is filled with ups and downs, and for the gay community, it can be even more complex. No one understands this better than Adam and Frank Golden.

Adam and Frank Golden

For gay couples, the path towards parenthood offers a few different avenues. While adoption is one option, for couples like Adam and Frank who wanted to have a biological connection to their children, surrogacy is the only path. Additionally, when one partner has a genetic connection, it ensures legal recognition as the child’s biological parent. This is especially helpful in states where LGBTQ+ adoption is prohibited.

With this in mind, Adam and Frank embarked on their journey to create the family of their dreams through surrogacy in 2010.

After several months of surrogate matching, egg donor selection, legal agreements, and clinic appointments, in February 2012, Adam and Frank found themselves at the fertility center attending an embryo transfer—a life-changing event. After squirming through a seemingly long and impatient two-week waiting period, their surrogate was fortunately confirmed pregnant. Nine months later, baby Sophia was born and placed into the arms of her two loving Dads.

Adam and Frank Golden with their son.

Commitment to Serve

It was this moment that prompted Adam and Frank to establish Golden Surrogacy—a third-party reproduction consultation agency. Inspired by the success of their own journeys to fatherhood, the duo now advocates for all loving couples and individuals who wish to become parents.

Located in the suburbs of Chicago, Golden specializes in Gestational Surrogate recruiting, matching, and complete end-to-end case management and facilitates one of the most comprehensive family-building programs in the industry.

Working with an agency founded by former Intended Parents ensures clients receive direct support from those who understand their unique journey best. Alongside their team, Adam and Frank passionately aim to provide world-class support to all they serve. With over a decade of experience, Golden has become one of the nation’s leading resources for family-building through gestational surrogacy.

To this day, the phrase “Everyone Deserves a Family®” remains the guiding philosophy of Golden Surrogacy. It captures the essence of Adam and Frank’s vision—to provide a gateway to the LGBTQ+ community, couples facing infertility, single individuals, and others who could not conceive naturally or form a family on their own. This tagline embodies the heartfelt belief that everyone, regardless of circumstances, deserves the opportunity to build a family.

Golden Surrogacy works with Saper Law to protect its trademarks, including its tagline “Everyone Deserves a Family.” 

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Pictured: Adam and Frank Golden’s son, Silas Golden.

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