Client Spotlight: The Peel People

Saper Law Client Spotlight

Saper Law’s Client Spotlight is a series highlighting our various practice areas through client features. This month, we are highlighting our intellectual property and business law practice by shining a spotlight on Saper Law client, The Peel People. 

Say Hello to The Peel People 

President and owner of The Peel People, Mark Meccia.

There is something about a sticker that is just hard to resist. Since 2014, The Peel People, LLC, has been supplying the nation’s top retailers with stickers, decals, wall décor, stationery, and educational products that they design and manufacture in the United States.

Mark Meccia is the president and owner of The Peel People. In a market that is dominated by offshore manufacturing, Meccia saw an opportunity to bring US-designed stickers and wall décor to big box retailers.

Avoiding a Sticky Situation

The Peel People knew lead-time and low costs are important to retailers, but they differentiated themselves by promoting a “better sticker” that goes on, stays on, and removes cleanly over time without causing damage.

“This may not sound like a big deal, but ask any parent who has had to scrape stickers from a piece of furniture or a bedroom wall if they would appreciate ones that are totally repositionable.” – Mark Meccia

Art Designed in the US

The Peel People pride themselves on design, whether it is for children’s activity products or wall décor. And millions of Americans have purchased these designs for their home.

They work with both in-house designers and up-and-coming artists that license their work, with the goal of bringing design to retail that exceeds the customer’s expectations of a peel and stick product.

“Our art is on-trend with American culture and designed here.” – Mark Meccia

Partnering with Crayola

Crayola has a strong brand loyalty with consumers and is enjoyed by children, respected by educators, and loved by parents. Crayola embodies the creativity, loyalty and commitment to play that The Peel People value. As an official licensee, The Peel People develop and market a wide range of Crayola branded products including colorable decals, poster board letters, large dry erase maps, notes sheets, and wall calendars.

Private Label

As a domestic supplier with a focus on exceptional value and quality, some of the nation’s largest retailers look to The Peel People to design and manufacture private-label products. These retailers include Walmart, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree.

Next Generation Stickers & Tags

The Peel People have recently launched a new generation of products, ComeBack Tags™. These are lost and found QR labels and pet tags that make it easy to track and get back lost items and pets.

Made With Pride

The Peel People’s goal is to produce on-trend and affordable products that are beautifully designed and proudly made in the USA. They aim to deliver eye-catching style to match your personality and your budget. Please contact them today to discuss your unique requirements.

Do You Need Similar Assistance?

The Peel People relies on Saper Law to protect and enforce its intellectual property rights. Saper Law also provides general business law counseling.

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