Business Insider Interviews Daliah Saper Regarding Drake/Kendrick Feud

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In a recent interview with Business Insider, attorney Daliah Saper offered her legal expertise on the feud between hip-hop superstars Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The feud was originally sparked by Lamar’s confrontational verse on the song “Like That” by Future and Metro Boomin released earlier this Spring. The situation has since escalated into the exchange of a myriad of diss tracks and scathing accusations in both directions, with mentions of pedophilia and domestic abuse.  Attorneys have allegedly already been involved for both parties, with Lamar allegedly requesting to bring a suit against Drake, and Drake allegedly attempting to serve Lamar with a cease and desist.
In her interview, Saper highlighted the rigorous legal standards for a defamation lawsuit involving two figures as prominent as Drake and Lamar. Success in such cases depends on proving “actual malice” — the defendant must know their statements to be false or show a reckless disregard to the falsity of their statements.
Despite the severity of the allegations, Saper considers a lawsuit unlikely.
“I would have a candid discussion with my client: ‘Are you certain the statements are false and a PR campaign won’t mitigate the damage? Or is this situation beyond repair?'”
If either Drake or Lamar feel their situation is beyond repair, we may see the next stage of this feud take place in a courtroom rather than the recording booth.

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