Fox Chicago News Interviews Daliah about “Cocaine Nose” Photo

On August 4th, FoxNews 32 interviewed expert media attorney Daliah Saper  about the recent controversy involving a local Chicago doctor posting pictures of his patient’s nose on his website, labeling the section “Cocaine Nose.”  The woman has filed a lawsuit against the doctor (and other related parties) in Cook Country.

In the interview, Daliah points out that federal law (HIPAA) and professional medical standards prohibit doctors from releasing medical (identifiable) information about their patients without those patients’ consent. While the woman’s eyes are blacked out and only a part of her face is featured in the photographs, this is arguably enough information to make the woman identifiable to at least some people. Doctors, moreover, are professionally trained not to release any personal information (identifiable or not) without their patient’s consent.  It doesn’t help the doctor’s case, most notably, that he used the photos not for medical research or study, but to promote his business on his website.

To see the full interview, click on the link below:

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