JOIN THE CLUB: A Flurry of Copyright Infringement Lawsuits Abound over Illegal Dallas Buyers Club Downloads

Dallas Buyers Club, LLC has recently filed hundreds of copyright infringement lawsuits.  The lawsuit targets individuals who have allegedly downloaded the Oscar-winning film via BitTorrent.

As a result of a large-scale and sophisticated BitTorrent raid, Dallas Buyers Club, LLC has linked hundreds of illegal BitTorrent downloads to specific IP addresses.  Each download potentially constitutes copyright infringement (an unauthorized reproduction of a copyrighted work) liable for damages up to $30,000 ($150,000 if the infringement was committed willfully) and not less than $750.

To collect these damages, Dallas Buyers Club, LLC has filed copyright infringement lawsuits against unnamed IP address holders all over the country (including a lawsuit in Illinois against over 200 IP addresses). Once filed, Dallas Buyer’s Club ‘s first step is to subpoena various Internet Service Providers (“ISP’s”), including Comcast and Time Warner, in order to match particular IP addresses with named individuals.

In response to these subpoenas, the ISPs are sending letters to each physical address that matches an IP address named in one of Dallas Buyers Club’s lawsuits.  These letters essentially tell the recipients that they have until a certain date to comply with Dallas Buyers Club’s demands, after which the ISP will be forced to turn over their users’ information to Dallas Buyer’s Club.  Dallas Buyer’s Club then uses this information to add the named individuals to its lawsuit.

Individuals who receive or have received a letter from their ISP must make a decision as to how they want to proceed.  This decision involves weighing a number of factors and every circumstance is unique and should be treated as such.

Saper Law fully understands this unique situation and has been handling cases like this since 2010.  (Prior to that Daliah Saper handled similar cases involving the Recording Industry Association of America, including one that made headlines back in 2006.)

In addition to the firm’s vast experience in copyright and media law, Saper Law has helped numerous individuals involved in Dallas Buyer’s Club litigation.  The firm takes an individualized approach to resolving these  legal matters, and has worked and continues to work closely with its clients to help individuals and families achieve the best possible outcome.