Saper Law Client, Vamonde, Officially Launches on App Store!

Saper Law regularly represents mobile app developers and businesses which use web or mobile applications to bring their unique services to market.

We are very excited to announce that the mobile application, Vamonde, created by a Saper Law Client, is officially live and available on the App Store.  Vamonde (vah-mond), which brings together two French words – Va, meaning “Go” and Monde, meaning “World, ” is “an urban storytelling platform that brings hidden stories to life in the very places where they happened.”  Think of how many times you’ve seen a mural under a bridge and wondered the story behind the art. . . Vamonde allows you to discover the stories behind the places you visit everyday or encourages you to explore areas you didn’t know existed.

We wish Vamonde all the best as they bring to light all the stories and adventures that make up Chicago!

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