Saper Law Represents Defendants Accused of Violating Flava Works, Inc. Copyrights

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Adult entertainment studio Flava Works, proprietor of gay pornography websites including,, and, is targeting subscribers and former subscribers with claims of copyright violation.

The basis for these accusations is a piece of “proprietary software” that Flava Works claims to use to insert a “unique encryption code” into each video file that its users download. This allows Flava Works to check videos shared illegally on filesharing sites like or tube sites like for this unique code, and then use the code to connect the video with a specific subscriber or former subscriber. Once this individual has been identified, he will receive a letter from Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher demanding thousands of dollars and threatening litigation.

If you have received such a letter, Saper Law can help. We have defended multiple individuals accused of copyright infringement by Flava Works. Contact Saper Law to explore your options today: (312) 527-4100.

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