UN4 Productions, Inc. Subpoenas and What They Mean for You

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UN4 Productions, Inc. is filing several federal lawsuits against Illinois, Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas residents for copyright infringement. The production company alleges defendants have illegally downloaded or otherwise acquired digital copies of their 2016 film Boyka: Undisputed using file-sharing software. Currently, UN4 Productions, Inc. is seeking damages in ten Illinois federal cases, and the number of lawsuits is sure to rise.

The Steps That Lead to Your Subpoena

UN4 Productions, Inc. likely uses the file-sharing software BitTorrent to identify the IP addresses associated with the unlawful copying or downloading of their copyrighted work. After the IP addresses are located, UN4 Productions, Inc. files a copyright infringement lawsuit in federal court. Then, the company will subpoena the defendant’s Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the defendant’s subscriber information. After a subpoena is received, The ISP will likely contact the defendant for the opportunity to challenge the subpoena or the lawsuit prior to the ISP’s release of information.

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If this situation sounds familiar, we’re here to help. Our attorneys have represented numerous individuals who allegedly illegally downloaded films, including those recently involved in the ME2 Productions suits. If you received a letter or notification from your ISP, UN4 Productions, or an attorney representing the production company, contact Saper Law Offices at (312) 527-4100 or click here to book a consultation.

For more information regarding BitTorrent and copyright implications, listen to Saper Law’s BitTorrent and Copyright Podcast here.

Current UN4 Production, Inc. Lawsuits Against Illinois Residents:

1:17-cv-05569 ⎫ 1:17-cv-05567 ⎫ 1:17-cv-05565 ⎫ 1:17-cv-05563 ⎫ 1:17-cv-05561 ⎫ 1:17-cv-04868 ⎫ 1:17-cv-04866 ⎫ 1:17-cv-04865 ⎫ 1:17-cv-04863 ⎫ 1:17-cv-04861

Current UN4 Production, Inc. Lawsuits Against Other U.S. Residents:

Colorado: (1-23) 1:17-cv-01419 ⎫ (1-22) 1:17-cv-01299 ⎫ (1-19) 1:17-cv-01253 ⎫ 1:17-cv-01689 ⎫ 1:17-cv-01577 ⎫ 1:17-cv-01477

Hawaii: 1:17-cv-00282 ⎫ 1:17-cv-00331

Indiana: (1-11) 1:17-cv-02037 ⎫ (1-10) 1:17-cv-00228 ⎫ (1-11) 1:17-cv-01710 ⎫ 1:17-cv-02070 ⎫ 3:17-cv-00473 ⎫ 1:17-cv-00257

New York: 1:17-cv-04400 ⎫ (1-15) 1:17-cv-03621 ⎫ (1-15) 1:17-cv-03278 ⎫ (1-16) 1:17-cv-03698 ⎫ 1:17-cv-04817

North Carolina: (1-8) 5:17-cv-00286 ⎫ (1-9) 3:17-cv-0031 ⎫ (1-10) 1:17-cv-00528 ⎫ (1-11) 5:17-cv-00278 ⎫ (1-12) 3:17-cv-00297 ⎫ (1-15) 3:17-cv-00295 ⎫ (1-10) 1:17-cv-00502 ⎫ (1-11) 3:17-cv-00284 ⎫ (1-10) 3:17-cv-00282 ⎫ (1-17) 7:17-cv-00109 ⎫ (1-14) 1:17-cv-00455 ⎫ (1-10) 1:17-cv-00453 ⎫ (1-12) 5:17-cv-00238 ⎫ (1-15) 5:17-cv-00232 ⎫ (1-12) 1:17-cv-00444 ⎫ (1-12) 3:17-cv-00329 ⎫ 5:17-cv-00317

Ohio: (1-11) 2:17-cv-00492 ⎫ (1-12) 1:17-cv-00388 ⎫ (1-10) 3:17-cv-01190 ⎫ (1-11) 5:17-cv-01185

Pennsylvania: (1-9) 2:17-cv-02481 ⎫ (1-15) 2:17-cv-02768 Texas: ⎫ (1-13) 4:17-cv-01834 ⎫ (1-13) 4:17-cv-01788 ⎫ (1-22) 4:17-cv-01685 ⎫ (1-16) 4:17-cv-02115

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