Is that a fake Rolex?

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Wish you could buy a Rolex without the hefty price tag? Maybe you wouldn’t consider buying a counterfeit watch, but you would buy an “inspired-by” piece—a watch that looks like a Rolex but doesn’t have the famous trademark.

While “inspired-by” jewelry vendors might not think they’re violating any rights, litigious brand designers disagree and argue that such creations constitute intellectual property (IP) infringement.

Daliah Saper tackles the topic of designer vs inspired by jewelry in her article, “‘Designer’ vs ‘Inspired-by’: Jewelry, IP Infringement, and Unfair Competition”  The article is featured in the March/April 2022 Issue of Landslide Magazine, the flagship publication of the American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law.


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Read Daliah’s full article in Landslide Magazine here.

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