Saper Law Attorneys Present at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – C2E2

Join Saper Law attorneys this weekend as we dress up in crazy costumes to teach creative entrepreneurs about entertainment  law!

Details below:


Date: Saturday, April 27 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: McCormick Place, Room W473

Speakers: Aaron Midler , Chris McElwain , & Daliah Saper

This panel will be an unscripted conversation between the Attorneys at Saper Law Offices, LLC, a Chicago-based intellectual property firm, and members of the audience at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. We will rely on audience participation to raise intellectual property, rights of publicity and corporate issues as they relate to the comic book industry. Other attendees will learn through this hour-long dialogue. *Preference will be given to audience members dressed in costume!

Saper Law at C2E2

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