Film Production: Working with Unions

 Unions were created to protect workers from unfair wages and poor working conditions. If a producer wants to use any union labor, then that producer will have to become a signatory to the appropriate union contract. This does not necessarily mean that the production must hire only union labor, nor does it mean that the production will need a big budget. Some unions, such as the Screen Actors Guild (“SAG”) offer various contract options for small and medium budget films. Continue Reading

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Film Production: Copyright

In order to secure meaningful distribution for a film, a producer must be able to prove that he or she owns, or has a license to use, EVERY piece of intellectual property in the film. “Intellectual property” includes many things, such as the right to use the screenplay, the right to use the music in the soundtrack, the right to use the title of the film, the right to use any brand names that appear in the film, ownership of the actors’ performances and many other issues. It is critical that a producer be very conscious and organized with regard Continue Reading

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Film Production: Financing and Investment Issues

Film financing is one of the most difficult and least understood challenges facing a producer and it is fraught with perils for the unwary. Many independent film producers find themselves caught in the “Producer’s Paradox” namely: “You can’t sign talent and develop your screenplay without financing, but you can’t obtain financing without talent and a polished script.” Given that most film producers do not want to use their personal assets to fund their films, the most important issue for many producers is how to finance their film project with other people’s money. Continue Reading

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