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Click here to purchase tickets We will be hosting our annual Trademarks and Copyrights 101 lunch seminar on Tuesday, July 31st from 12:00-1:00 at Saper Law. Attend this seminar if you recently created a new business and have yet to register your trademarks and copyrights. If your company is more established, attend this seminar to learn how to maintain, protect, and enforce your existing trademark and copyright portfolio. RSVP here! DETAILS Tuesday July 31, 2018 Saper Law Offices, LLC 505 N. LaSalle, Suite 350 Chicago, IL 60654 Time: 12:00 – 1:00 Cost $15 with online registration, $25 at the door. Continue Reading

RSVP for July Seminar at Saper Law: Trademarks and Copyrights 101

By popular demand, Saper Law is once again hosting a seminar on Trademarks and Copyrights.  If you recently created a new business entity and have yet to register your trademarks and copyrights, this seminar is important for you to attend.  If your company is more established, this seminar will teach you how to maintain, protect, and enforce your existing trademark portfolio. During the July 31 lunch time seminar, Daliah Saper, Principal Attorney at Saper Law, will answer the following questions: What is a Copyright? What is a Trademark? How do Trademarks and Copyrights compare to Trade Secrets and Patents? What is involved with Continue Reading

Saper Law Defends Individuals Targeted by Flava Works

Flava Works is an adult entertainment studio that specializes in pornographic films featuring men of color. Websites in Flava Works’ network include,, and Due to premium users’ ability to download proprietary content, current and former subscribers are now being targeted by Flava Works for copyright infringement. Alleged evidence of copyright infringement is obtained via a piece of embedded code that Flava Works inserts into each video file. This embedded code supposedly enables Flava Works to identify the signed-in users who have downloaded the video. With this code, Flava Works also purports to have the capacity to Continue Reading

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Can You Copyright an Emoji?

If you paid close attention to the emoji on the left, you may have noticed that it looks slightly different from the ones that pop up on your phone. This is because you need a license to use copyrighted emojis. For this reason, all but one of the emojis present in this article were provided free by Emojis’ ubiquity leads many people to assume that they are part of the public domain. However, this is not the case. In fact, emojis are considered to be intellectual property, and, like other intellectual property, are subject to copyright protection—though the scope Continue Reading

Saper Law Defends BitTorrent Copyright Lawsuits Brought by Bodyguard Productions

Bodyguard Productions, Inc., is a production company that produced the 2017 drama The Hitman’s Bodyguard, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson. Bodyguard Productions has filed lawsuits against individuals that, Bodyguard Production alleges, violated their copyrights to The Hitman’s Bodyguard by illegally downloading, acquiring, or otherwise sharing digital copies of the film using file sharing systems, such as BitTorrent. How It Works BitTorrent is what is known as a Peer-to-Peer network: it operates by having users download parts of the film and then upload those parts when they have been watched. This type of transmission may be legal if Continue Reading

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Saper Law Represents Defendants in Bodyguard Productions Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

Bodyguard Productions, Inc. is filing several federal lawsuits against Illinois, New York, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Utah, and Virginia residents for copyright infringement. The production company alleges defendants have illegally downloaded or otherwise acquired digital copies of their 2017 film Hitman’s Bodyguard using file-sharing software, such as BitTorrent. The Steps That Lead to Your Subpoena Bodyguard Productions, Inc. likely uses BitTorrent to identify the IP addresses associated with the unlawful copying or downloading of their copyrighted work. After the IP addresses are located, Bodyguard Productions, Inc. files a copyright infringement lawsuit in federal court. Then, the company will subpoena the defendant’s Continue Reading

Saper Law Represents Defendants in ME2 Productions Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

In recent months, Me2 Productions has filed copyright infringement complaints against hundreds of individuals who allegedly used peer-to-peer file-sharing services like BitTorrent to download the 2016 film Mechanic: Resurrection. The method by which film production companies like Me2 identify and target copyright infringers is well established. First, the company tracks a specific torrent or torrents, gathering the IP addresses of anyone who downloads their film. Next, they file a petition in federal court, asking the court to order the Internet Service Providers (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, et cetera) to release the customer information associated with each IP address. They then file Continue Reading

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Saper Law Represents Defendants Accused of Violating Flava Works, Inc. Copyrights

Adult entertainment studio Flava Works, proprietor of gay pornography websites including,, and, is targeting subscribers and former subscribers with claims of copyright violation. The basis for these accusations is a piece of “proprietary software” that Flava Works claims to use to insert a “unique encryption code” into each video file that its users download. This allows Flava Works to check videos shared illegally on filesharing sites like or tube sites like for this unique code, and then use the code to connect the video with a specific subscriber or former subscriber. Once this individual has Continue Reading

By |Copyrights, News| Interviews Daliah Saper about Youtube’s Massive Copyright Wars's Tracy Moore recently interviewed Daliah Saper about Youtube's DMCA take down notice process and the fine line between fair use and copyright infringement.  You can read the article here: Inside YouTube’s Massive Copyright Wars The battle between YouTube stars and copyright holders over fair use laws is shaping the future of digital content By Tracy Moore Jul 02, 2016 at 9:00 AM ET

Saper Law defends Cobbler Nevada Copyright Infringement Law Suits

Cobbler Nevada, LLC has filed federal complaints for copyright infringement against hundreds of individuals who allegedly used peer-to-peer file sharing websites like BitTorrent to download the 2015 film The Cobbler. The film was directed by Thomas McCarthy and stars Adam Sandler. Entities like Cobbler Nevada who own the copyright to certain films hire overseas firms to search BitTorrent and other file sharing networks for copyrighted files being shared and to log the IP addresses of the users who are sharing the files. These IP addresses are then sent to the copyright owner who then files a federal lawsuit. The copyright Continue Reading

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