Saper Law 2022 Immersion Program Recap

Congrats to the 2022 Session of the Saper Law Immersion Program! This year's Saper Immersion Program brought together high school students from different backgrounds to learn about the practice of law from a variety of prominent attorneys. Highlights included State and Federal Court observations, field trips to various law firms, and a lecture from an attorney turned chocolate entrepreneur.  Students also enjoyed touring the city on foot and having lunch at several downtown hot spots. Scroll down to see the daily itinerary for this year’s Saper Law Summer Immersion Program. Click here to read feedback about the program from the Continue Reading

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Daliah Saper to lecture about Designer Jewelry, Knock-Offs, and IP Infringement

On Tuesday, September 13, Daliah Saper will be presenting: Designer Jewelry, Knock-Offs, and IP Infringement: Copyright, Trademark, and Trade Dress Protection and Claims Scroll down for more information: Under copyright law, the IP owner does not need to register the work to receive protection, registration is evidence of the work's originality. It is also necessary to sue in federal court and force the alleged infringer to demonstrate that the work is unoriginal or cannot be copyrighted. The substantially similar test puts designers on notice that their jewelry designs, even if inspired by famous designers, need to be distinguishable or infringement Continue Reading

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RVSP for August Seminar at Saper Law: The Rise and Fall of NFTs From a Legal Perspective

Should You Buy a Bored Ape? The Rise and Fall of NFTs From a Legal Perspective We are thrilled to announce Phil Gomes as our just-added special guest speaker for August 10th's online NFT presentation at Saper Law! Phil leads global communications and marketing for Bloq's brands, spanning infrastructure, DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, and more. Pictured above are two of Phil's NFTs. Prior to joining Bloq in 2018, Phil spent thirteen years at Edelman, guiding the world's largest communications firm's initial explorations across two generational technology shifts — social media and blockchain — and building its global blockchain center-of-excellence. In Continue Reading

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RSVP for Saper Law’s 17th Anniversary Summer Soiree

  Since 2005, Saper Law has represented a wide variety of clients from around the world. Our attorneys have made headlines for tackling novel internet and social media cases, and we are consistently ranked as a top law firm for intellectual property, entertainment, new media, and business law. Join us for a toast to celebrate our 17th birthday!  Tuesday evening August 2nd from 5:30pm to 8:30pm at I|O Godfrey Roofscape. RSVP here. Tickets are $10 and all proceeds will benefit the Highland Park, IL Parade Shooting Victims Fund.   

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Daliah Saper Presents at Internet Law Leadership Summit

The Internet Law Leadership Summit is an annual gathering of internet law practitioners in Las Vegas, Nevada. Internet lawyers and attorneys delve deep into the past year’s internet law developments and debate all the major forthcoming internet law related cases, laws and policies from the USA, Canada and Europe. The event is invite-only and the organization carefully selects its attendees. Daliah Saper presented to the group of internet law practitioners on the topic of online reviews and one-star ratings. Daliah discussed Saper Law's recent win in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, where the court ruled that negative reviews did Continue Reading

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Are You a Victim of Revenge Porn?

Given the ease and normalization of photo sharing, it is common for couples to share private, sexual images with each other. Though these images may be taken with the intention of remaining private, they do not always stay within the relationship. If private images of you have been shared without your approval, you may be the victim of “non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images,” or the act of “revenge porn,” as it is called colloquially.  If you believe you are a victim of revenge porn, there are many steps you can take––including both criminal and civil action against your perpetrator. Continue Reading

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WGN Interviews Daliah Saper Regarding the Mariah Carey Copyright Lawsuit

WGN Radio Chicago interviewed Daliah Saper today to discuss the recent $20 million copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Andy Stone against Mariah Carey for her song "All I Want for Christmas is You." Daliah first spoke about the significance of Stone, who released a song by the same name in 1989, filing the lawsuit long after Carey's version was released in 1994. Daliah then explained how a recent Supreme Court case, Petrella v. MGM 572 U.S. 663 (2014), has "opened the floodgates" for plaintiffs to file lawsuits to seek relief for a 3-year period regardless of when the original alleged infringement Continue Reading

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WGN Interviews Daliah Saper About the Google Privacy Class-Action Settlement

WGN Radio Chicago interviewed Daliah Saper today to discuss the Google class-action lawsuit that has caught the attention of many Illinois residents. After discussing the history of the Biometric Information Privacy Act or BIPA, Daliah spoke about how there has been an uptick in lawsuits due to how strict BIPA is compared to other states’ laws. Daliah also provided insight into how much the potential reward is for those individuals affected, depending on the total number of individuals that decide to participate in the class-action suit. Listen to the full interview here:

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FOX 32 Chicago Interviews Daliah Saper About the Google Privacy Class-Action Settlement 

FOX 32 Chicago interviewed Daliah Saper today to discuss the Google class-action lawsuit that many Illinois residents may be eligible to benefit from. Google reached a settlement agreement this past year, agreeing to pay $100 million to individuals that have been impacted and qualify for relief. Daliah discussed what the Biometric Information Privacy Act is, why it was created and how it pertains to the specific Google class-action lawsuit at hand. She also clarified how eligible residents may be able to obtain a portion of the settlement.  Similar to Facebook’s $650 million settlement, Google is settling as it has violated Continue Reading

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The Amended Illinois Freedom to Work Act: What this means for your non-compete

On January 1, 2022, Senate Bill 0672 went into effect, drastically amending the Illinois Freedom to Work Act. The Bill codified restrictive covenants that, prior to the Bill, had solely been addressed by judicial decisions. Whether or not a restrictive covenant is enforceable is now largely determined by earning thresholds and valid employee relationships. This new law has significant implications for employers, employees, and lawyers alike. Whether this law applies to independent contractors is a bit unsettled.  What is the Illinois Freedom to Work Act? The Freedom to Work Act concerns two types of restrictive covenants: non-competes and non-solicits.  Non-competes Continue Reading

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