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Saper Law Announces Its New Relationship With IBM Global Entrepreneur

Saper Law is excited to announce its new relationship with IBM Global Entrepreneur! IBM GE partners with organizations that can help IBM GE Members with overall market strategy and day-to-day business needs.  Saper Law will offer its intellectual property, entertainment, media and business law services to IBM GE Members.

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Saper Law Attorneys Tackle Novel Domain Name Disputes

Daliah Saper will be a featured panelist at the conference next week to speak about the various legal issues related to domain names.  In this article, we highlight an interesting domain name dispute that Saper Law attorneys recently successfully litigated.  The takeaway for business owners and domain name owners is an important one.  Read […]

Daliah Saper to Serve as Mentor at IBM Global Entrepreneur Event

Details below: IBM Global Entrepreneur Mentor Day IBM Innovation Center Chicago – 71 S. Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL Tuesday, June 11, 2013 9:00 am – 2:00 pm – Invite only Mentoring session   Apply Now: 2:00 pm – 6:30 pm – Public Event                                 […]

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A New Flava of Bittorrent Copyright Lawsuit

Saper Law regularly handles copyright infringement cases involving businesses, software developers, artists, photographers, and production studios. Often times, digital distribution of the copyrighted works via social media, blogs, and most recently, via the Bittorenet network, is at issue. For example, there has been an explosion of copyright infringement suits by adult entertainment studios against individuals […]

Mobile Applications and Trademarks

Needless to say, mobile application or “app” developers have an ever growing need to distinguish their apps from the other half-billion available. A search for an app can produce dozens of apps with similar names and designs. This is where trademarks fit in. A unique name or logo allows consumers to identify a particular app, […]

Music Licensing

Recognizable music can be a boon to businesses large and small, from attracting customers to a retail storefront to providing a soundtrack for mobile apps and websites. But navigating the legal complexities of music licensing can be a difficult task: what rights are involved in streaming and downloading, who controls those rights, and how are royalties collected […]

Daliah Saper lectures at Flourish! Open Source Conference

On April 2, 2011 Daliah Saper lectures at the Flourish! Open Source Conference about the legal implications of using open source software.  Her presentation will highlight the differences between copyrights, trademarks, and patents as they relate to software development and provide an overview of recent litigation involving open source software. The goal of the Flourish […]

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Saper Law Counsels Mobile Application Developers

Saper Law regularly assists software developers, web-based businesses, and other new and social media companies.  In recent months, many of these clients have been focusing their energies on developing mobile applications to diversify their revenue streams.  To this end, Saper Law has and continues to provide counseling and transactional services for entrepreneurs and corporations seeking […]